The Latte Trio

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This Latte Set includes the Latte Brow Shadow Duo, the Latte Tinted Brow Gel and the black Brow Shadow Brush!
The Latte Brow Shadow is made in a caramel tone, with a warm/ash combination to complement the skin. This shadow can be used as a soft eyeliner or eye shadow.
The Latte Tinted Brow Gel is the perfect union of a soft light brown and golden undertone with added micro-fibers to make the eyebrows appear fuller.
A perfect way to tint your brows with a hint of color to give lighter brows depth or soften darker brows, add volume to your brow hairs, and hold them in place without fade for the duration of your day… all in one step!
The Brow Shadow brush is the perfect 2-in-1 Brow Shadow Brush is designed to cut at an angle allowing the brow shadow to get between the brow hairs. It is also used to create a beautiful line to surround the eye. The opposite end is spiraled to soften and blend your color.  Our shadow brush works great with our brow shadows while creating natural looking brows. Because every face deserves the perfect frame!
"I don't know what it is about this angled brush, but it's truly the best one I've ever used. The bristles are both soft and dense, making it the perfect tool to pick up both powders and pomades without issue. The spooly on the opposite end is also great to blending out any harsh lines and keeping everything looking nice and natural." 
- Courtney Higgs

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