The Brow Shadow Brush

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People Magazine:
Top 5 Must-Have Makeup Brush!

This perfect 2-in-1 brush is made of pahmi, cut at an angle to allow brow powder to get between the brow hairs. It can also be used to create a beautiful line to surround the eye. The opposite end is a spiraled brush made of synthetic materials to soften and blend color. This product works great with our Brow Shadows, by using upward strokes throughout brow. Blend with the spooly side of your brush for a more natural appearance. 

"I don't know what it is about this angled brush, but it's truly the best one I've ever used. The bristles are both soft and dense, making it the perfect tool to pick up both powders and pomades without issue. The spooly on the opposite end is also great to blending out any harsh lines and keeping everything looking nice and natural." 
- Courtney Higgs for




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    Love this brush!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Aug 2014

    I have used this brush for years for eyebrows. I use the spiral side to brush my brows before and after I use the flat brush to apply eyebrow powder. My brows look natural.

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    I Love It

    Posted by Joi Edevine on 17th Dec 2012

    I love the dual brush & you will too

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    Great Brush!!!

    Posted by K. Baylor originally on 8/1/2005 - reposted on 20th Jan 2011

    I just recently bought the Minx brow shadow from the salon in Beverly Hills, and I absolutely love it! I always have trouble matching things like eye liner and brow pencil to my skin and hair's always too something (too chalky, too reddish, too dark, too clumpy). But Minx looks so great on me, and I didn't have any trouble applying it at all. I was lucky enough to get Damone himself to do my brows, and he gave me some quick pointers on how to apply the shadow that really worked!

    Another cool thing I discovered (while spending more time in the mirror than usual oogling my new brows) is that Minx works great as a shadow liner for you eyes. I usually wear dark liner and shadows for evening, but I like something softer in the day that's still a little smoky and a little sexy but subtle. I used the brow angled/spooly brush (the angled end) to apply the shadow just at my lash lines toward the outer corners on top and bottom as an experiment. It looked natural but still a little sultry.

    One of the best makeup purchases I've made in years!