Tamron Hall Show x Damone Roberts Giveaway Highlighter

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The Damōne Roberts Highlighters!

Pink-A-Boo brow highlighter creates a soft, neutral matte finish to raise & accentuate the brow bone.

This highlighter is great for hiding new brow hairs as they grow back in, disguising eyebrow tattoos, an excellent eye shadow base, or concealer for women with fair skin. 

Pink-A-Boo blends best with The Damone Roberts Brow Highlighter Brush.


The Peach For The Stars Brow Highlighter creates a soft, subtle matte finish to raise and accentuate the brow bone and works great as an eyeshadow base, to lighten up the tone of your lip

color, and as a concealer for women with medium to dark skin.

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