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We're currently sold out and will be back in stock April 2021. Monthly Subscriptions will continue to be filled.

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It's a proven fact that fuller eyebrows make one appear more youthful... Now experience youth in a tube with Damone Roberts Brow Gain (For Lashes Too)!

Real hair loss happens when stem cells stay asleep. Damone Roberts Brow Gain (For Lashes Too) wakes up the hair stem cells to generate a new growth phase of the hairs. This product unlocks hair beauty with advanced hair therapy while conditioning and moisturizing the hairs.

Great for lashes too! Improves elasticity directly from within as it moisturizes, hydrates and stimulates hair growth. Promotes thicker, fuller and more luscious lashes!

Pre-Order Your "Youth in a Tube" Now!
We're currently sold out and will be back in stock April 2021. Monthly Subscriptions will continue to be filled.

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To Use: Apply 2 clicks per eye liberally to entire cleansed brow line, focusing on areas where brow hairs are missing. If using for lashes, apply 1 click per eye to clean lash line as if applying liquid eyeliner. For optimal results, use in the morning and evening. Once desired results are achieved, use Brow Gain 2-3 times a week to maintain conditioning and fuller appearance. Discontinue use if signs of a rash or irritation appear. If condition persists, consult a doctor. Individual results may vary. Keep out of reach of children.

"Thick, lush brows can be yours, thanks to Damone Roberts Brow Gain." - Essence Magazine

"Creates healthy-looking, full brows by stimulating the surrounding hair follicle." - Juicy Magazine


"Famous product promises to get your balding brows to grow hair." - New York Post



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  • 5
    Brow Gain

    Posted by Lisa on 18th Oct 2019

    I have been using Brow Gain for about 2 months now and I am definitely seeing hair growth start to come in. I am 51 and have gone through menopause already, so the hair is coming in slowly but it is coming. I will keep using.

  • 4
    Brow Gain

    Posted by Tequilla on 18th Oct 2019

    Love love love Brow Gain! This product absolutely works. I wish it was more in the tube because I ran out really quickly and it takes a few weeks to see results but as soon as I started seeing them I immediately ordered another bottle. Love love love. I’m fallen in love with my brows again... Finally!! Thank you Damone :-)

  • 5
    Eyebrow Gain

    Posted by Shantane on 5th Dec 2017

    This product is so much better than getting microblading or any other product!!! My brows are full but I wanted them fuller and this product DELIVERS! Thank You

  • 5
    IT WORKS !

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Aug 2015

    Brow Gain truly lives up to its claim of growing your eyebrows back. Now that I am approaching 60 years old, watching my face age has not been pleasant by any measure. The hair on my head is still holding its natural color very well. But, my eyebrows were going white with thinning in various spots. After using Brow Gain for 2 months, not only do I have full eyebrows, but it is my natural hair color, not white or gray hair in my eyebrows. There is so much hair growing back that I have to pluck and shape my eyebrows every couple weeks to keep them from looking like 2 bushes on my face. This product works and does not cause any skin irritation. I would be the first to know if it did. Try it for yourself.

  • 5

    Posted by Sugar on 5th Jun 2015

    3 month use showed significant growth and improvement! Trusted ingredients.

  • 5
    Best product

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Feb 2015

    I enjoyed this product I can see results in just a few days!

  • 5
    All because of Damone Roberts BROW GAIN!

    Posted by Vanessa Falk on 17th Feb 2015

    ÄNTLIGEN börjar det faktiskt synas skillnad på mina ögonbryn All because of @damoneroberts och hans magiska BROW GAIN

  • 5
    The only product I've tried that works!

    Posted by Alice on 30th Jan 2015

    I was an over-plucker throughout my teenage years, and at 18 had virtually no eyebrows left. I was so self conscious of the way I looked and it was greatly affecting my confidence.
    At age 19 I took the drastic measure of having eyebrows tattooed on, I was happy with the results for a while, but they still didn't look how I wanted them (I don't know what I was expecting!). I've put up with them as they are for a couple of years while trying various products that promised regrowth, with no success.
    My brow gain was delivered a week ago (I live in the UK, by the way, and my product was delivered within 2 weeks of ordering!) and already I am seeing results! This is unlike any product I have used before. It delivers on its promises. I am a very very happy customer.

  • 5

    Posted by *Rachel* on 13th Aug 2014

    This product is AMAZING!! My eyebrows were so thin and had holes- withing 3 days I could see the hole starting to fill in and re growth in areas that had not grown hair in years!! If you are wanting to thicker fuller eyebrows this product is a MUST!!