The Damone Roberts Ginger Brow Pencil is the perfect complement for Strawberry Blondes, or Women with Red Hair. The marriage of powder and wax create natural looking eyebrows and a softer color alternative to the harsher reds of the past. Our metal, dual, specifically designed sharpener is the best purchase to extend the life of your pencil.

Ingredients: Iron Oxiodes 77419/77492/77499, Mica 77019, Titanium  77891 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Glycerides, Cetyl Palmitate, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides, Talc, Polybutene, Methlyparaben, Propylparaben, BHT

*This Product is Not Tested on Animals

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Ginger Brow Pencil

The best brow pencil I've used! The color is excellent. The pencil is firm but not too waxy and colors evenly. Which is impressive since I have white-blond brows. Definitely a keeper. I highly recommend this pencil. I'll be buying this again.

Ginger Eyebrow Pencil

This is hands down the best ginger brow pencil on the market

great eyebrow pencil for gingers

Great color and texture. This has a nice warm color to it. Even though it is light it does the job to fill in my brows. Also, the texture is great. Most eyebrow pencils are too waxy. Not this one. The pencil lasts a long time. Worth the money.

After 40 years found my perfect brow pencil

Yes, I finally found "the one". I'm 70 years young with strawberry blond hair that has surprisingly only faded a shade or two. Finding a brow pencil to go perfectly with my hair color has been difficult to say the least. Ginger brow pencil fits the bill to a T. I also use the ginger shadow on my lids, stroke it up towards my brows and lightly dust my brows as well. Then I apply the brow pencil to get the desired effect.

Comment from Amazon.com

Great match for my hair. The Ginger pencil is easy to apply and looks good!

As a girl with ginger hair, this is simply the best eyebrow pencil I've ever used!

As a girl with ginger hair, this is simply the best eyebrow pencil I've ever used! Ot ended my desperate search for the right shade of red! Mosr auburns are extremely dark, but this one is very light and natural... a carrot tone to it! Absolutely great and lasted me 8 months too!