The Damone Roberts Tweezer is the only Tweezer Damone and His Brow Artists use to create perfect eyebrows. This Tweezer allows you the ability to tweeze even the finest hairs, with all the precision and control you need. The customized slanted tip prevents hair from being pulled on the surface, while grasping the follicle at the root. This steel, calibrated tension tweezer was designed by Damone Roberts personally and will exceed your expectations.  

Rave Reviews

"The hottest tweezers in Beverly Hills belong to Damone Roberts." - Newsweek

"Brows are my livelihood, so I need a pair of tweezers that will last.” - New York Times

"These Tweezers are by far the best" - Leigh-Ann Davidson

"With a firm grip and ultra precise edges that grab the hair as close as possible to the roots, this device is a painless solution for perfect arches." - W Magazine

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Depth: 0.50

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The best!

The best!

Best tweezer EVER invented!!

Best tweezer EVER invented!!

Best Tweezers Ever!!!

I received these tweezers years ago and they continue to be the Best! I bought some for my sisters and they still thank me for getting them the Best Tweezers ever!

Mixed Review

I have hesitated on writing a review. This is the second pair of tweezers I have had. I just recieved my brand new tweezers and was/am disatified with them. They certainly aren't as good as the ones I had the first time. I purchased two of them and have not used the other one since I gave it to my daughter. The box it came in was opened and smashed and the end of the tweezer rubber was off. Not sure if they got twisted in the process or what but certainly not the same as the first pair of tweezers I received! I really love them and they are great....

Simply the Best

I’ve been using The Tweezer for years; they are simply the BEST. Nothing else on the market comes close. I'm just saying.


The best tweezers I've ever owned.

They Rock

I would die if I lost my DR Tweezers... They rock!

One Of The Best Beauty Investments

The DR tweezers are virtually painless & grab even the smallest brow hairs. One of the best beauty investments I ever made.