Eyebrow Kit Minx (Dark Brown) + Bling Bling (Platinum-Shimmer)

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Eyebrow Kit Minx (Dark Brown) + Bling Bling (Platinum-Shimmer)

The Damone Roberts Brow Kit sits on the bathroom counter of women around the world, who realize that the eyebrow is the most important feature of the face. This wonderful kit includes everything you need to have World Class eyebrows (Tweezer, Minx Brow Shadow, Bling Bling Brow Highlighter, Minx Brow Pencil, Scissors, Brow Gel, Brow Shadow/Eyeliner Brush, Brow Highlighter/Concealer Brush, and Sharpener).

Conceived and created by The Eyebrow King himself, it is the beauty must-have. When the salon is just a little too far away, beauty and perfect brows can still be at your disposal.  As a bonus Damone has included some of his most useful eyebrow tips as a guideline.

NOTE: This Brow Kit Contains:

Minx Brow Shadow

Minx Brow Pencil

Bling Bling Brow Highlighter