I have built my name in the beauty industry by being a perfectionist in my art and never settling for something mediocre.  That quest for perfection has led me to formulate my own wax. The Damone Roberts Creamy Wax is the perfect consistency for flawless eyebrows, soft legs, a smooth Bikini and anywhere else one tends to remove hair…all while not irritating the skin.

To Use: Apply as thin as possible, use a light oil for dry areas. This wax is Hypoallergenic with purified resins and less sticky, which results in less redness and reduced irritation. Contains the highest quality of esters and titanium dioxide to shield the skin Leaves a nice clean finish.

Ingredients: Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Ricninus Cummunis, BHT, Titanium Dioxide

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best wax

The best wax I have ever used

I love this wax!

I have been waxing since 2001 and I have used many different kinds of wax. This one is amazing! I love the texture and consistency of the wax. It's great for my most sensitive skinned clients leaving skin smooth and hair free! xoxo

I love it!!!

Finally used your wax and I love it!!! My clients can tell a difference too!

Love This Wax

Love the Wax!!!

Best Wax Ever

This wax has changed my brow pov! LOVE IT! and My Clients say it doesn't even feel like I'm waxing them.

The ONLY Wax I Use

Since attending the Damone Roberts Master Class in ATL this is the only wax I have used. My clients do not experience breakouts, inflammation, bumps or any other reaction they normally would experience from the usual honey waxes found in your local nail shop. Some clients say it doesn't even hurt. I am very pleased.

Best Wax I've Tried

This is the best wax. At first I was nervous because it seemed really liquid, but once I applied it for a brow wax it went on so smooth. My clients skin was not red at all like most wax. I won't try anything else. I'm hooked!!!

The Perfect Wax

Wow!!! The PERFECT wax led to the perfect brow shaping for our first client using Damone Roberts' Creamy Sensitive Wax. So many compliments were given to her. The texture is PERFECT.